idy Up Tuesdays Every Wall Full of Stuff

Every wall had some thing on or towards it. Not a single open space to be had.

I saved scratching my head in amazement — When did we acquire a lot furniture? Why did we fill each nook, in each room?

Was there surely a need for a photo or image on every wall? Or, a decorative shelf with an array of tchotchkes upon it.

Inevitably, when we got rid of a chunk of fixtures, a chair, or bookcase, some thing new could emerge as in its region. Even whilst we moved matters around, from one room to the subsequent, to sense less cramped, by some means the walls were in no way left open and spacious.

It become fascinating to note how the soreness with open, empty space would feel wasteful or an unwise use of actual estate. Never fail, the gap would emerge as stuffed over again.

That is till I began to completely include a minimalist way of life, the choice to stay a extra meaningful existence with less. Less stuff. Less stress. Less protection. And, genuinely much less trouble.

I even have constantly been one to love matters organized and tidy. Piles of stuff has by no means been comfy to me, so each time they might show up, as piles are acknowledged to do, I would find a way to cause them to disappear.

But, disappear did now not suggest OUT THE DOOR! Oh, heavens no. There changed into no want to toss it out or supply it away when I turned into so proficient in employer. I always observed a way to place them away all neat and tidy. Most frequently hidden out of sight.

More these days my husband and I have been significantly thinking about downsizing — downsizing into a smaller domestic, apartment or condominium. A region that might require less protection and upkeep.